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Exercise Shouldn’t Hurt

Written By Gonstead Physical Medicine on May 12, 2021

Physical Rehabilitation Exercise should never damage your body, plain and simple. And we’re not talking about microtears caused by weightlifting. We at Gonstead Physical Medicine in Albuquerque are talking injuries, along with pain triggered by exercise.

You’re more familiar with them as problem areas. It might be the left ankle while going for a run, an elbow while at the driving range, and so on. It’s a spot that inexplicably hurts despite rest or treatment. Is it an aggravation you’re stuck with for life? No. It’s a sign that something needs attention.

Why Some Parts of Your Body Get Painfully Wonky

The types of pain you don’t want to ignore are sharp pains, localized pains, pain that get worse during exercise, and pain paired with swelling.

Sharp pain usually means a tear, bone-on-bone contact, or tendon impingement. Localized pains that keep coming back mean something’s wrong in that spot, be it a stiffness, weakness or something else. Same goes for pain that gets progressively worse over time during workouts. Generalized, widespread muscle soreness is one thing. Exercise-induced pain that hinders range of motion is a red flag. 

Any time the inflammatory response is triggered, it means your body is trying to heal something. Swelling is caused by inflammation. Your body is trying to flush something out so it can heal properly. If a particular spot keeps swelling with exercise, then that’s a strong indicator you have an injury there.

The smartest thing you can do is stop the pain-inducing activity immediately and seek professional medical help. You need to discover the root of the pain before it becomes a debilitating injury.

Albuquerque’s Gonstead Physical Medicine - Your Local Rehabilitation Specialists

Our clinic’s very own Dr. Tony loves focusing on sports medicine. He has taken rehabilitation programs of his own design for collegiate athletes and successfully adapted them for patients of varying athletic abilities. Both athletes and patients have achieved maximum function in order to prevent injuries.

We utilize cameras to analyze why certain parts of your body hurt and tailor a rehabilitation/exercise program to help you gain strength, eliminate pain, and prevent future injury.

Have questions or ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at (505) 884-8584 (our Albuquerque location) or (505) 922-9444 (our Rio Rancho location).

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