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How to Deal with Low Testosterone After Age 30

Written By Gonstead Physical Medicine on December 9, 2020

rsz hormonetherapyWhen you think of decreasing testosterone levels, you may only picture middle-aged and older men. However, testosterone levels typically peak during adolescence and begin declining by about 1% each year around year 30. 

If you’re experiencing ‘low T,’ consulting with a local chiropractor will help you identify your symptoms and develop a personalized treatment plan around your diagnosis. While a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sleep will help you maintain healthy testosterone, turning to advanced solutions will also improve your low levels. 

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that develops genitalia, such as testes and prostate, and sexual characteristics. It also helps men maintain:

  • Bone density
  • Muscle bulk
  • Red blood calls
  • Reproductive functionality 
  • Fat distribution
  • Body and facial hair

Signs of Low Testosterone 

While declining testosterone is a common side effect of aging, 30-year-old men may experience a different set of symptoms. It’s important to note that many symptoms are also linked to other medical conditions or lifestyle choices, including:

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Obesity
  • Use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or steroids
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Consistent fatigue or brain fog
  • Muscle loss and weight gain

Men experiencing these symptoms should consult with a doctor to assess testosterone levels and determine any additional underlying health concerns. 

Treatment Options for Low Testosterone

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is an effective treatment method to restore hormone levels to a more balanced state and decrease the progression of aging. Structurally exact to human hormones, bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources and reduce the number of associated risks than other therapies. 

With increased testosterone levels, men can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased energy and mood
  • Minimized anxiety 
  • Improved sexual performance

You can receive Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in the form of injections, patches, or gels depending on the recommended treatment plan from your doctor. 

Alleviating Low Testosterone in Albuquerque

If you’re looking to restore your hormonal balance, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a natural and safe treatment to help you reach your overall health goals. When you schedule a consultation with Gonstead Physical Medicine, your doctor will assess your current hormone levels to determine a treatment plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle. 

Experience improved testosterone levels today by scheduling an appointment with Gonstead Physical Medicine.

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