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The Benefits of Sunlight, Red Light and Infrared Light

Written By Gonstead Physical Medicine on November 7, 2021

Sunlight Health Benefits Gonstead Physical Medicine

When you are spending time outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun, did you know you are actually helping your body perform at its highest potential? Just like plants, humans absorb and metabolize sunlight, red light, and infrared light to boost energy and improve overall function.

Gonstead Physical Medicine in Albuquerque offers more information about the benefits of these types of light.

What Are the Benefits of Light Exposure?

Moderate exposure to sunlight (while wearing proper skin protection) has many health benefits, according to studies by NCBI. These benefits support cognitive function, emotional health, and boost Vitamin D. 

Here are ten dazzling benefits of sunlight you should know about:

  1. Sun exposure lowers blood pressure
  2. Sun exposure improves bone health
  3. Sun exposure improves brain function
  4. Sun exposure eases mild symptoms of depression
  5. Sun exposure improves overall sleep quality
  6. Sun exposure lessens some symptoms of Alzheimer
  7. Sun exposure heals some skin disorders
  8. Sun exposure boosts growth and development in children
  9. Sun exposure enhances the immune system’s strength
  10. Sun exposure reduces the risk of certain cancers

How Can I Get More Light to Benefit My Health?

Feeling the positive impact of healthy exposure to light only takes a small amount of effort. Going for a walk or run, participating in an outdoor sport, or simply basking on a lounge chair, are all ways to integrate light exposure into your daily schedule. Spending just a few minutes outdoors each day will benefit your body and mind in countless ways. 

Don't Forget Skin Protection

Whenever you spend time outdoors, it’s important to remember the importance of protecting your skin. Wearing sunscreen or protective clothing is always necessary to prevent a painful sunburn or other detrimental conditions. While sun exposure can be very healthy, be sure to consult with your doctor at Gonstead Physical Medicine to make informed decisions that fit your individual health needs.

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