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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex joint involving 3 different bones and 20 different muscles allowing for a wide range of motion. The main joint of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint) is connected by a group of 4 muscles and their tendon attachments, called the rotator cuff. Problems with the rotator cuff include sports injuries, dysfunction due to muscle imbalance, wear and tear issues leading to fibrotic scar tissue formation, and adhesions. The symptoms from rotator cuff problems can vary to a slight catching or pain to severe pain and frozen shoulder. Because of the wide range of motion of the shoulder joint, structural alignment is also key to the health of the joint. Misalignment or subluxation will lead to premature deterioration of the joint. A third consideration is nerve supply to the shoulder. Many pains in the shoulder actually originate in the cervical spine as the nerves from this region travel to the muscles and other tissues of the shoulder as well as the arm and hand. Irritated nerves in this region can lead to referred pain or cause the muscles in the region to become tight or weak leading to imbalance and dysfunction in the shoulder joint.

Gonstead Chiropractic and Shoulder Pain

The Gonstead doctor is one the few health care providers to analyze and treat all 3 major causes of shoulder pain; nerve irritation, misalignment, and muscular/tendon issues. In addition special rehabilitation exercises may be advised by your doctor to assist in a complete and quicker recovery. Studies have shown positive results with chiropractic and shoulder pain.

Here’s what Gonstead patients say:

“My orthopedic surgeon said I would soon need a total right shoulder replacement. My arm was so painful that any movement was very limited. The most amazing thing now is that I have a full range of motion and I’m able to carry and lift. I am pain free and would love to go back to my surgeon and just wave ‘Goodbye’ with my right arm.”

Joan R.

“A decade of shoulder pain is gone. I can turn my neck to the shoulder while driving without any stiffness.”

K. H.

“The pain and range of motion in my left shoulder has improved greatly.”

Pastor Richard

“The pain in my shoulder has been helped considerably. I would not have thought Gonstead chiropractic could have helped that.”

Pat L.

“I was very apprehensive and fearful of seeing a chiropractor. I was referred for rotator cuff surgery, but had to wait. The Gonstead doctor said he could help in the meantime, and it turns out after seeing him I was able to cancel the surgery!”

Ron Z

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