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Full Body Decompression Tank

Our tanks provide the most gentle, yet effective form of joint traction available today. Conventional float chambers require the user to lie facing upwards. This horizontal position leaves the spine vulnerable to uneven forces. Due to gravity, our bodies are in a constant state of compression. This tank takes decompression therapy to the next level by orienting the body in a vertical position. By also anchoring the lower extremities, we achieve a passive form of decompression that works directly against gravity. This allows you to decompress ALL of your joints during your time in the tank. Whether you have a knee problem, hip problem, shoulder problem, etc., this tank is for you! The main goal for adding Epsom salt to our decompression tank is to reduce pain and inflammation/swelling and to speed up muscle recovery. In doing so, we generate an optimum healing environment that compliments the human structure.

Additional Benefits

• Alleviate stress and anxiety
• Promote better sleep
• Promote circulation
• Boost magnesium levels
• Eliminate toxins